M i n i    S h o w   n r. 2  :

I    m a d e    y o u    t h i s   b l a n k e t

The second show based on the project of Lee Nini, is about the blanket Lotta made especially for Lee in his younger years. It takes place at Hae Artspace from the 11th of June until the 10th of July 2024.

‘Dear Lee,
I made you this blanket.
From Katalista flowerthread.
To hold on to when the black light shines.
I send it back to you in 1978.
For your sixth birthday.

A preview of a new film, starring Audrey Wang.


M i n i   S h o w   n r. 1 :

‘F o r e v e r    Y o u r s ,  L e e   N i n i’

The project Lee Nini has had a first show at Hae Artspace in Maastricht, the Netherlands in April of 2023.
It contained several elements from the story: the archive of the conversation, digital prints and embroideries.
In the centre of this an ongoing video of all mini and short films made by Lee Nini.

Short film Hollyhockin’